The Mahoosuc Region

The Mahoosuc region is defined by the iconic Mahoosuc Mountain range that links northern New Hampshire with western Maine, and by the headwaters of the Androscoggin River that emerges from Lake Umbagog then wraps south and east around the base of those well-loved mountains.  This area is a national treasure of woods, water, wildlife, and world- renowned outdoor recreation.  It is also a home base treasured by local residents that still has an authentic connection to the land through its forest-based economy and culture.

"A national treasure of woods, water, wildlife, and world-renowned outdoor recreation."

Like many other parts of the Northern Forest, the Mahoosuc region is facing significant new challenges – from changes in land ownership and an evolving forest products industry to a shifting climate.  The very beauty of the Mahoosuc region, and its wealth of recreation options, could threaten its special landscape character.  Without careful planning and protection of key open space parcels, scattered development could fragment open space and make timber management more difficult.  The “great recession” brought a pause in new construction, but the slow and steady economic recovery is sure to bring a revival in land sales.